The BULGARIAN Federation
of Film Societies


40 Filip Totyo Str., Box 5

1510 Sofia / Bulgaria

t: + 359 898 390 713

е: office@filmsociety.bg

w: www.filmsociety.bg

BULGARIAN FILM SOCIETY gathers people with passion for cinema. The purpose of the organization is to build sustainable ambience for film exchange and to foster the conversation about the seventh art. Our activities include consolidating a network of the film societies in Bulgaria, publications of film analyses, programmes for non-formal film education, etc.
The network of film societies in Bulgaria unites cinema enthusiasts and film clubs from several Bulgarian cities with the purpose to support their work together and to help them build their monthly activities. It also contributes for the distribution, subtitling and promotion of outstanding films from the world screen.
BULGARIAN FILM SOCIETY is conceived within the project National Network of Bulgarian Film Societies.